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If you are looking to start up, move, open a satellite office, or purchase real estate Dean Healthcare Realty will help you in every aspect of your journey!  Our team of professionals has over 60 years of dental experience and will guide you every step of the way.   Dean HCR can help you with a start up, lease, sell, purchase, acquisition or development.  We will connect you with industry leaders from all aspects of your business to help you build you dream practice!  



We represent Medical Practitioners with all of their healthcare real estate needs.  Dean Healthcare Realty will deliver an unmatched premier service to our doctors.  Our goal is to remove all the guess work and minimize the stress from the real estate transaction, lease, purchase, acquisition, or development.  We utilize analytics, key relationships, high touches, and more to ensure success!



Dean HCR specializes in vision care.  We negotiate sound real estate deals for Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Lasik Specialists, and Vision Therapy doctors.  We will help you with the entire process saving you time, money, and avoiding costly pitfalls all while making sure you receive the best possible terms.  We have experts to help you with every aspect of your deal.  Our goal is to make your real estate journey as stress free as possible.  Dean Healthcare Realty will be with you at every step of the way while your office is completed, delivered, and you are open for business.  



Dean Healthcare Realty can help you locate, purchase, build, develop, or lease any size veterinary space you may need.  Let us use our expertise to help you find that 2,500 sf space or the 60 thousand sf specialty vet hospital.  We understand the needs and requirements a Veterinarian must have to be successful in taking care of their patients.  Real Estate is a Vets second largest expense outside of payroll so we will get it right the first time.  Dean HCR  will be looking to make sure we accommodate for surgery suites, relief spaces, sound proofing, private exits, floor plan flow, and adequate parking.  When you decide to create your new clinic let Dean Healthcare Realty help you build your dream!



When clients look to enhance their natural beauty and boost their quality of life they look to a plastic surgeon.  When plastic surgeons look to build the perfect space or buy a building they want a place that exemplifies the aesthetic look they want to portray.  At Dean Healthcare Realty we are the experts in leasing, buying, building, and developing the perfect real estate spaces for our doctors.  We will help you with every step of the real estate process and stay with you until even after your project is complete.  When it comes to partnering with a team of experts go with Dean HCR so it is done right and the way you want it! 



If you are a Pharmacist look no further than Dean Healthcare Realty to help you with all your real estate needs.  We are experts focused on healthcare making complicated transactions almost stress free to our clients.  Dean HCR is able to help our clients save valuable time, avoiding costly pitfalls, mitigating complicated issues during the lease/purchase phase, and connecting you with experts to guide you throughout the process.  Give yourself every advantage for success and use the experts at Dean Healthcare Realty!



Dean HCR is here to help you with what with ever type of commercial deal you desire.  We can streamline the process to find you a retail, flex, industrial, land, development, and other spaces to fit your business while taking the load off you.  Dean HCR will also connect you with every expert you may need throughout your real estate venture giving you an advantage for success.  Give us a call and let us do what we do best!



At Dean HCR we help all types of therapists with their real estate needs.  Whether you are looking at a lease space, renewing a lease, purchasing, or selling your building we can help you.  We will systematically take you through what will be a great experience when attaining your dream practice.  Dean HCR will make key introductions to people you will need throughout your lease or purchase journey.  Let us relieve your stress by ensuring we handle the load for you and direct the process of your real estate transaction!

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