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It can initially seem straightforward to rent a space in a commercial building. However, landlords often leverage various types of leases when renting office space. Having a partner knowledgeable of the differences between each type of commercial lease who is also adept at negotiation helps companies achieve set monthly budgets.



When buying a practice or building, it's key to find a partner with a strong seller network, great relationships with landlords in key markets, with a relentless commitment to find the business equivalent of a diamond in the rough.  DHR can shortcut the search for the perfect space that uniquely accommodates a healthcare brand.



Selling is complex. Dean HCR has a network of healthcare business owners actively looking for commercial property. Having a partner with proven processes to sell properties, buildings, or practices along with a network of buyers lets businesses achieve transformation with seamless business continuity. 



Developing your own space is often the only way to complete the vision of a healthcare business. If this path is right for a business, it's supremely important to have an owner representative and broker to stand by your side on the journey from the original vision, through architecture, design, build, and testing leading up to opening day.



So you have decided to purchase an existing practice.  Now you are thinking where do I start and what is involved.   There are many aspects to consider and having a team of experts that can mitigate the pitfalls will give you the peace of mind and position for success that you need.  Dean Healthcare Realty can evaluate the practice, give you a real time look into practice health, and work with the practice financial details so you know if this is the right venture for you.  Let us take the guess work out of one of the largest and most exciting decisions of your career!

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