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Mission Statement

Dean Healthcare Realty's mission is to help clients build their dreams through commercial real estate!  


  • Healthcare practitioners have every added opportunity for success when working with our proven methods, partners, and systems.

  • Our goal is for clients to look back and say I couldn't have ever done this without Dean Healthcare Realty!




At Dean Healthcare Realty, our philosophy is to strive for excellence in all we do! 
There are 10 Principle values we hold everyone accountable to at Dean HCR.


- Do the right thing at all costs

- Honesty, integrity, and fairness

- Be good to people

- Help someone every day

- Encourage and support 

- Protect faith, family, friends, country, and company

- Loyalty 

- Communicate effectively /attention to detail

- Commitment to quality / producing results

- Encourage public service

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