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Leases / Start Up

Start Up / Lease Renewals 

Starting Up a new practice is a big move and you need the expert advice of professionals who have been in the business for years who understand how to limit potential pitfalls.  At Dean Healthcare Realty  we provide the experts in broker services along with a roadmap to every aspect and professional partner contact you may need throughout your project.  We have done many start up projects and helped all types of practitioners from newly out of school, to the doctor that has been working for a DSO for years.  Dean HCR will help guide you and answer any questions throughout the lease process.   We can help you with site selection, design, and construction creating your dream office!  With a background in healthcare real estate, construction, office design, capital equipment, imaging, and banking you can trust our team to take an enormous load off your shoulders. The intent is to minimize your risk, negotiate the savings of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars by reducing the rental rate and gaining concessions.  Our goal is to make an impactful and successful start to your new journey while helping you build your dream!  

Lease Renewals can be delicate situations, however are very common transactions in commercial real estate. Only a skilled agent should take this type of transaction on for a doctor.  A landlords job is to make as much money for the property as they can.  If you do not have someone that knows how to negotiate these types of deals you will likely be taken advantage of.  Being taken advantage of by unassuming nice landlords / property mangers can drastically decrease your profits.  We will negotiate rental rates, terms, concessions, and ensure our doctors have the representation they deserve.  Our fiduciary duty is to you doctor, our client.  Let the experts at Dean Healthcare Realty negotiate your lease renewal and help get the most favorable outcome possible.  

Our services include:

Professional Team of Experts / Partner Experts

Location / Market Evaluation


Site Selection

Lease Evaluation / Lease Analysis

Timeline / Roadmap

Negotiation / Posturing Strategies

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